Chevy Chase

Convenience and luxury meet in this highly desirable community.

Welcome to Chevy Chase

The Chevy Chase neighborhood is not far from the heart of Lexington. Convenience and luxury meet in this highly desirable community. With both an elementary school and middle school in this community, families will find that this neighborhood offers their children a great space to learn and play close to home.

Stop along Romany Road for breakfast or lunch at Wheeler Pharmacy's counter or enjoy dinner with family or friends at A.P. Suggins, The Tulip, or The Bridge Eatery. A new grocery store is being developed on Romany Road as well.

A remarkable variety of homes here are situated close to the vibrant downtown Lexington area. From attractive and stately single-family homes to spacious modern condos, the area offers true suburban convenience and style.

Chevy Chase Homes For Sale

Homes in Chevy Chase are elegant, antebellum beauties. Some of the earliest homes were built in the 1920s, although development continued through to the 1950s. The majority of building in this community happened prior to 1940s.

This neighborhood’s story starts with a man named Henry Clay Simpson. Henry owned the land that would later become Chevy Chase. The earliest homes to be developed were built on part of the estate. These prestigious homes were built in the 1920s. At this time, this location would have been on the outskirts of Lexington. Cars were just becoming popular at this time, and owning a car and driving into the city each day for work was a luxury not everyone could afford. In fact, Chevy Chase was considered a luxury community because of its location beyond the city limits.

Following the success of the first batch of homes that were developed, more houses were built in the 1930s.These homes were constructed on the area of Simpson’s land that used to be the Ashland Stock Farm, a highly reputed horse breeding farm. The farm had been in Simpson’s family for generations, and he was careful to preserve many of the mature trees in the area as he developed the community. The name Chevy Chase came from a golf course in Maryland that Simpson was fond of.

Today, Chevy Chase homes for sale are still just as beautiful as they were at the time of their construction. On a stroll through this neighborhood it is easy to see how well cared for these homes are. Yards are carefully landscaped. Houses are clean, fresh, and well-maintained.

Architecturally, each home has its own unique sense of style. Some houses have a distinctly southern style and have window shutters and doors framed by columns. Others are handsome stone affairs with gabled roofs and elevated ceilings. Red-brick exteriors and mahogany front doors offer a serious, yet handsome appearance. Other homes have the charming aesthetic of a classic farmhouse. Because of this community’s age, buyers will find that most yards are accompanied by mature deciduous trees that provide ample shade in the summer months.

Prices for Chevy Chase real estate begin around $300,000.

Chevy Chase Luxury Real Estate

Chevy Chase is a truly beautiful community with plenty to offer its residents. Streets are lined by tall trees and paved walkways. Front yards are landscaped with blooms and hedges. Houses are nothing short of spectacular.

Some of the most impressive homes in Chevy Chase are valued around $600,000. Luxury real estate in Chevy Chase tends to include updates to the kitchen and spacious floor plans measuring upwards of 3,000 square feet. Many of the luxury homes in this community are also accompanied by backyard pools.

Living in Chevy Chase, Lexington

Although Chevy Chase was on the outskirts of Lexington in the 1920s when the community was first developed, today this is no longer true. As Lexington has continued to grow over the years, Chevy Chase enjoys what would be considered a central location by today’s standards. The neighborhood is bounded by Cooper Drive to the south, Fontaine Road to the north, Chinoe Road to the east, and Tates Creek Road to the west.

Within the neighborhood there are two bar and grills, a dental office, a medical facility, a general store, a post office, and several other community businesses. Parents with school-aged children will be delighted to find Cassidy Elementary School and Morton Middle School within this community.

The amenities are just one reason that Chevy Chase real estate offers urban living at its best. There is also a great sense of community here, and numerous restaurants and boutique shops are to be found locally. Residents even enjoy their own Chevy Chaser magazine, highlighting neighborhood issues and promoting local businesses.

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